Sunday, July 12, 2009

still recovering from e 13 h plane ride

i think e 13 hr plane ride is a good buffer time for u to make a transition from to reality

like reading a fantasy book by neil gailman neverwhere helped.

so... despite that buffer time, my 1 wk sch experience in a sch so jealously guarding its prestige was pretty fucked up. cus my slping hours were all wrong and i had only 4 hrs of proper slp each day. another anal thing about tt sch was tt teachers' image was something they paid so much attention to that u felt that there was a security camera attached to ur ass 24/7. taking into consideration that i was half an hr late on one of the days, i pretty much screwed up on impression pts... that is if i even wanna step into that sch to be a full time.

n despite being a trainee language teacher to be, my English proficiency is dropping way below acceptable standards. FAITH I NEED TUITION!! LOLLOL


e power of love means

sometimes, despite ur initial promise to urself that u'll wring ur mother and throw her down the rubbish chute, u realise that's e way she is so instead of getting all flustered over that idiot, u'd rather do something more meaningful like like... not getting angry. haha. wth

i am still pissed though. haha. shit her. damn. haha


Faith said...

its because you were in europe so long what. english sure drop wan.

Anonymous said...

LOL must be the different languages i was trying to speak at the same time that screwed it up. LOL


Faith said...

yah. its okay. makes your tongue more flexible. hur hur hurrrr.