Saturday, July 11, 2009

about the bitch

one thing i seriously cannot stand abt my mother

she's a fucking bitch

bitch to e max

there's nvr once we can stay for a long period of time at home without wanting to kill her

she likes to insist on her way of doing things.

and if things go seriously wrong and she's being forced to apologise, she'll just shrug it off as it's no big deal. fuck her. and den when we do smthing that is not to her liking she makes such a fucking big fuss about it. fuck that fuck bitch. damn motherfucker.

so im telling u, we will all move out of this damn fucked up house sooner or later.

or else one day i'll fucking just wring her neck and throw her down e rubbish chute.

fucking chee bai.

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Faith said...

breathe baby!