Wednesday, July 08, 2009

taste that life

it's pretty ironic

how MJ with his much chaotic and almost insane lifestyle like molesting boys (dun noe true or nt still), dangling his baby over the balcony is instantly forgotten or only stated matter of factly after he dies. all this just pales in comparison to his legacy, his death, his very neglected childhood that makes u feel pity for him. pity, only comes in after death.

i guess that's wad happens to anyone dead anyway. when they're alive, they can be the reincarnation of satan but death immediately makes them an angel, all sins forgotten or forgiven, all evil hidden under that sheen of angelic light.

i wonder

why we don't talk that much anymore.

but i guess we all have to move on.

with or without each other

that's life

that's life shoved in ur face. taste it. bitter, cold & cruel.

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