Wednesday, July 29, 2009

life's profit graph

i think life's like a profit graph

there are times when e gradient of e graph is a steep upward slope
ironically, that's when u're facing set backs in ur life, when u feel that everything in life is going downhill, spiraling out of control. that's when u start questioning urself, u lose all ur beliefs & try to reorganise ur life, u suddenly learn who's important to u & how important u are to some ppl. u question e way u live & think. some ppl gain new faith, others grow stronger in their beliefs. that's where u gain e most out of life. that's when u grow as u climb up e steep gradient of e profit graph.

there are times when e gradient of e graph is negative, sloping downwards.
that's when u are complacent, when u think u know everything in e world, u start taking relationships for granted,when u feel that everything in life is under ur control. there is no humility, only pride. u hurt ppl, others turn away from u. before u noe it, u are alone & have gone down e slippery slope which denoting losses. u are at e bottom. deep shit bottom. u dun gain from life when there's pride. u only lose what life has to offer.

then, there are times when e gradient of e graph is zero. that's when it's stagnant.
here, it can either go up, or down.
u have either recovered from a set back, or are enjoying e fruits of ur labour. u are contented, hoping not to slip into complacency. u look forward to things each there, albeit whine once in a while about how boring life can get on an island surrounded by water.

that's where my life is now. stagnant but still looking forward to each day, hoping that i can achieve more than what is set out for me. knowing that i can end up somewhere good because there's a world out there. there's also this constant fear, a result of paranoia i guess, that i might just slip and fall, but excited at e possibility that i might also be climbing up a positive gradient where i discover more of life's wonders & beauty.

but whatever it is, no matter where it ends, one thing's for sure, u know tt u'll definitely be going up, & u'll always be gaining something, learning something new, maybe not today, maybe tomorrow. that's life.


huihui said...

so chim.
i think i can understand better if u jus leave every sentence that has to do with 'math' out. hahahaa

zihui said...

nice analysis, i'll look forward to the day mine goes downhill though XD

Faith said...

i love this!

양사민 estelwen said...

zihui: LOL!!!

faith: yeah u love me. hahah.

huihui: eh den i explain in geography gradient of slope la. hahaha.