Saturday, July 04, 2009


2nd july

nie wants us to take a leave of absence for 7 days which means that my practicum and stuff will be affected.

3rd july

moe says tt moh has realised tt e stupid home quarantine is well... stupid so since itll be lifted on 6july, e leave of absence will not come into effect. nie has not made any announcements as yet.

and to tell u e truth, e home quarantine thing is just downright lame, i have 4 other ppl in my family, they work, they step out of e house, how e hell will it be effective if 4 other ppl can move around freely while at e same time are able to interact with me without any precautionery measures. u think germs only stay on one person ah. and i probably would have cause a outbreak in changi airport as well since i covered alot of area from the time i alighted e plane till e time i met with my family at e hall. wadever



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hui said...

hahaha. u nv read the guidelines. the one at home supposed to stay in a room with toilet so to minimise contact w family members. if ur house is not suitable, go to the chalet at ulu loyang. lol