Sunday, October 12, 2008

of backstabbers

the whole point is not why i'm irritated because it's happening to me
but rather, i think it's rather lame how people are settling this problem
here's someone who has no leadership skills trying to tell us what to do
then there's someone who feels emotionally imbalanced because of the changes made.

no one is at fault, and it's not in my ability to judge what the past was like then from the present.

but things happened, and the person i/c did not take any blame, but rather smiled and let things pass. how can one see and manage the big picture when one is unable to take responsibility for blunders. of course out of everything bad that happened, there are good things too but is the good you're focusing on of any importance for future improvements?

it's called AFI's btw, aka areas of improvement aka feedback. not area of praise, not how well we've done, not how we can celebrate after this, not how pretty he/she is.

dun push e blame to what was done in the past or the higher ups and portray urself as being a helpless victim of the opression by the authority. so what if approval was not given, what have u exactly told them that we don't know. if things r good, why aren't they approved? humans being humans will make ur job easier for u if they like u.

that being said, i think it's so much difficult to trust someone now that all this has become a game. if my paranoia is getting better of me, i really don't care because i rather not trust u and ur smile den sccumb to letting everything out and screw whoever is involved.

all e best & good luck. & screw u.

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