Sunday, October 19, 2008


it's nt just abt playing mind games

it's nt just abt the other sex being a jerk (except in NIE)

maybe it is.

u shld see the bags of tricks they have up their sleves. but honestly, it's tiring. why control? why the game? why can't it be simpler? am i thinking too much into things?

hey suddenly i'm seeing a lot of light here.

and honestly, the novelty of supposedly having security and a sense of companionship is wearing off.

i'm tired of anticipation. i'm tired of trying to find out more. if it comes, it really comes so why worry.

so let's say even though i dun believe in the guy up there having plans for me. affinity is just enough. i've already met a lot of wonderful ppl so i guess there'll always be more wonderful ppl for me to meet in the future.


i'm glad i finally had e courage to tell someone, just someone what happened. it falls into place when u put it into words. it means that u've stopped trying to run away and finally admit what u've done. that u're a stupid idiot/bastard. lol

i'm still carrying alot of hate with me. i dun noe why. i tot i've finally manged to let go but i guess there's just a lot of fear and hatred for people who make me feel as if i'm a failure or that i don't deserve to be there. it's as if i was reeling back from my "depressed" days in that friggin sch, but maybe i'm just being depressed for no damn reason all the time.

and i had a very interesting conversation with my friend.
life's like game, u level up, kill e friggin boss and den level up. lol dun run cus the boss will be after u.
so lame but it makes sense.

wadever. LOL. thank u lovelies for making my day