Tuesday, October 07, 2008


guess i haven't been reflecting about life as much as i'm supposed to.

stupid damn computer game.


it's an addiction, wearing sexy fighting gear, holding two swords and slashing at lame animals and mummies or mummy warriors. that's e only time when u feel really impressed with urself, that's the only time when u have control and u know bloody hell what is going on.

thus my continuous obsession with internet games... childish huh.

hope i didn't screw up my presentation too badly cus i was holding on to my paper while i was talking. i was promoting earth awareness ok!! recycle recycle! yar rite :P i'm lame

my aim is so save up enough money to tide me thourgh before i start working
my aim is to finish my 4 yrs in education w/o screwing up
my aim is to stop worrying abt my family because it's not my business and it's not a big deal

guess there are times in life when u're so sick of being very philosophical, contemplative & just wish to hold on to materialistic wants and needs and hope and pray hard all this will tide u through whatever there is to come.

u r strong. be true to urself & those u love. that's all u need to know.

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Faith said...

"u r strong. be true to urself & those u love. that's all u need to know."

i love that.