Monday, April 07, 2008

shallow simin

hello darlings,

my blogposts have increasingly become more shallow as a result of overexposure to immature students who fight/throw bottles at each other in class, name callings and blah blah blah

just save me from this immaturity because i'm really starting to think i'm childish. and i really wanted to play online games today but was too busy working. ON A SUNDAY CAN U BELIEVE IT?

and yesterday was a total knockout cus i just slept straight through from 6pm to 9am the nxt morning. that was like 15 hrs? and i still feel tired. and i have work not done. in fact, my work is never done, it's more of prioritizing which one to hand in late and which one to hand in not as late. but either way, i've nt really got myself into any big trouble yet so yar. alive but not really a LIFE.

slap me cus this entry is bimbotic.

and honestly, i think i'm starting to get addicted to drinking cus it makes me kinda of high and happy for that moment. and now as i sit here and wonder if i've gotten myself into any kind of trouble plus my piling workload, i really wonder if i'm just the type who could have survived uni if i really got in there.

honestly, the times have changed. teaching is really not as glamorous or as highly regarded as it looks. i look at my colleagues slogging their lives off and i really pity myself and them. i look at those ppl who don't bother to care and i really hate them.

so i guess i was made for a lower end job huh.

and i had wanted so much to dedicate a post to those ppl who sent me bday wishes on my special day. damn, i have to really do it soon.


qt said...

lol u've just done it. hahah

Faith said...