Wednesday, April 16, 2008

perfect strangers

i have....

over 102 friends in friendster

74 friends on facebook

203 contacts on msn


out if this few hundred friends i see online everyday,
20 i keep in touch with

people whom i can contact when i'm in deep shit
is almost as much as the fingers i have on 1 hand.

so let's do some maths.

5 out of 379 = 1.31% pathetic isnt it?

and i find it amusing that kids have difficulty comprehending, or in fact, that's how i used to think as well, i tot the more ppl u know, the more friends u have? so friends grow in numbers, they don't decrease! the tot of them even decreasing was atrocious to me, and now to them.

we used to want to meet up with the whole class, painstakingly organising class BBQs and making sure everyone joined, having websites where we could update each other of where we were in life, blah blah blah. look at us 20 years from now. i don't even know where u are, or even what u look like now.

who knows, one day when i walk past u on the streets, we'll just be back where we started.... perfect strangers.

i shld just get a dog XD


Anonymous said...

YES YOU NEED A DOG. I'll lend you mine for a day. <3


Alec C said...

Hey just want to say that you are not alone.

I got almost 900 friends on friendster plus facebook plus msn.

But when i have problems, it's just 1 or two. But most of the times, it got to be myself.

There is really no need to have many many friends, you only need true friends. Even it's just one or two, it's good enough already. They would not leave you alone & behind.