Sunday, April 13, 2008

it's time u grow up

my recent bizarre behaviour has resulted in me doing really really stupid things that i've come to regret and i now extend my sincere apologies to the students i've had bad influence on.

i've failed in my duties and i wish to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

yar right. if only life was that simple.

and i've come to realise that me being 20 in age doesn't mean that i'm acting like my age, nor in maturity. i think it's time that i really really grow up and take responsibility as an adult and not a child.

damn. britney's i'm nt a girl, nt yet a woman is my theme song of the year.


Miao said...

I think you are very mature for your age.

양사민 estelwen said...

lol really? i think i still have a long way to go... but thank u for ur encouragement XD