Thursday, May 10, 2007

there's my boy

e kids were being "punished" by naz last wk cus they kept running to e staff room after their MT lesson to look for me. i bet they just hope tt i wld bring sweets out for them, which i usually do, & maybe even bring them into e staff room just to blow aircon.

thanks to my weakness of giving them sweets & bringing them to e staff room, now they love to stick their faces outside e glass door of e staff room & scream for my name, incurring e ire of e discipline master who sits near e door. dies.

but, tt's nt e main point.
naz decided tt their bad habit of crowding ard e staff room has to stop so she made them stand up & give us a good reason as to why they did nt wait for me obediently in class.
"why must u run to e staff room to see miss yeo? if you don't see her u don't feel comfotable isit? u need to see miss yeo before u feel happy isit?"

my dear shaun gave her a very sincere "yar"

i tried nt to smile. or to be more specific, to go hysterically high.

i'll miss them. i'm already missing them now since i'm assigned to relief tt SOB's class for a few days. darn. my kids now love to slip little gifts such as pokemon staks aka magnets into my bag too.

ironic, they're bribing me like how i'm bribing them. gahx


echizen said...

Your students are incredibly cute. XD

zhi xin ^0^ said...

Aww what your students did were real heartening! ^__^
I guess it's always dread entwined with love when dealing with kids huh? =P
Hehe enjoy the rest of your days there! Oh and bribe them more if you want better bribes in return XD
Hee take care! =)

estel said...

lol, agree, they are cute! LOL

lol, e most e kids can afford is stickers. heh. >< opps. XD