Friday, May 04, 2007

commitments = 2 years

e things i hate to fulfill most are commitments, esp when everything is just so wrong & uncertain now.

hanging there like a piece of shit.

can i tell u how much i'll miss them when i'm gone? i love disturbing them, because they nvr get tired of playing. they nvr get tired of smiling & laughing even when all else goes wrong.

it seems like if all else fails, i might just as well work for a while more, & then apply for contract teaching. even though adi said it's gonna make me so sch orientated tt all i think abt is just sch & kids, sch & kids. but what wld u have me do? when my grades are limiting all my choices... wait. i don't even have a choice to speak of.

just tell me it's nt e end of the world.

i even dream of sch now adays. it gets tt freaky.

& some ppl don't really get it when they speak. they have no sense of EQ, no shit sense of intelligence when they talk of things tt hurt. i knew it all along. these ppl are just as superficial as they look. give me a break really. i just wanna stick to those ppl tt understand. i'm just too tired to hide.

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