Tuesday, May 08, 2007

only way out?

i hate irresponsible ppl.

i lost it today. i blurted out fuck in front of e other teachers although i have yet e guts to just scream it in some bastard's face yet.

i have yet to receive a letter, just in case u're curious. & it's just adding to my frustration everyday. i hate leaving things hanging there as it is. & e fact tt A lvl holders who go into NIE are usually nt really "recognised" by e sch depresses me even more.

i can't just go into a place & expect to stay there at e bottom forever. i just want a BA from NIE. pulease....

or maybe i shld call my cousin to ask...
but she'll most probably tell me it's part of his plan again. *rolls eyes*
but i guess she'll guide me to a few other paths tt are available....

or is this just e only way out?

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