Tuesday, May 01, 2007


i'm just hanging there, not knowing whether i'm dead or alive...

2 of my frens have got letter frm ntu CL & another 2 frm nie.

why have i forgotten to remind myself tt i was already kicked out frm the MAINstream on tt fateful day...
somehow, i'm feeling like this is the end.

there are so many things tt are on e verge of happening. i'm just on e verge for another breakdown.


my life is made up of complicated emotions which i can't ctrl. somehow, i just feel like while others are just fine being e way e are, e more i interact with ppl, e more i find myself hating myself more. it's in e genes tt my grandmother & my mother are just emotional. & even till now, i have to keep reminding myself tt i cannot be who i am, tt i just have to conform to normal standards to be accepted by the society & myself. i've nvr felt myself moving forward in terms of emotional management. i'm just standing there...

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