Wednesday, January 05, 2011

the unpolitically correct guide to dreaming for dummies

it's nt easy looking down n wondering what ten odd other ppl want.

it's nt easy leading a team, dealing with politics internally n externally n bitches in the offices more concerned with red tapes n covering exposed asses.

i always wondered if it would have been different. very different.

welfare is not just about what can be given out for free twice a semester, goodie bags. cup noodles n what have you

welfare is about little things in our lives as students

not enough study areas, dirty rooms in student hubs, e supposedly screwed up system of timetabling, Student-Tchers having no idea on what they are in for when they graduate.

which sadly n ironically, we can do nothing about.

as we all go abt talking abt collaboration, planning vibrant events to hype up a supposedly uninterested community that is more interested in going home after classes

there's this uncanny silence that looms over us.

we don't know

we don't care

maybe we all have our different ideas

maybe we all are only willing to sacrifice so much for a system that we can't beat.

maybe i shouldnt have big dreams when i am only so small.

but i just can't help wishing there was more i could do...

n i wonder if u succeded in the end.

the day u shared.

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