Monday, January 24, 2011

i need to get used to this

i need to get used to this

having to get used to choked up voices when u call over the phone, the hysteria alternating between my mum n my sis

the older one will cry abt my brother's schwork
the younger one will cry abt her r/s

well i can't complain, they were there for me when i ran into problems with the live in terror. after i cut myself tt is. LOL.
just that the crying really makes u depressed, helpless n angry.

lol sucky daughter/sister


i want to be a celt

in my alternate life

donned in white

on the cliffs at sky's end

overlooking the heavens and earth

singing n dancing my heart out

u are free n looking retarded at e same time. WHAHAHA


Faith said...

you want to be in the sound of music!!

양사민 estelwen said...

LOL sound of music is austrian la. celtic is ireland. LOLLOL kns. HAHAHA but that made my day.WAHAHAHA