Wednesday, January 28, 2009


e idea of relationships is weird

it's unimaginably indescribably weird.

maybe because i'm just gay & i fall in love with things that are non-existent aka jdrama actors/actresses

of course e idea image everyone has in their mind would be a happily ever after kind of thing with all e emotional and spiritual support u can get from the other half.

but still... it's kinda of misty...

& i'm really not that much bothered anymore if anyone decides to kill themselves, or just mutilate themselves in a fantastic display of unbalanced emotions because it is eventually their life they're ruining.

that's e power of living in a hostel. u start to wrap urself in air bubbles & then u practically lead ur own life, u cook ur own food, wash ur own dishes, plan ur own life. so staying @ home is a torture. because someone starts to rule over ur life & when u're 21, u dun feel like u have to listen to anyone anymore.

tt is my growing up... childish huh.

i shall thus represent my life in picture.

HAHA. can u imagine it? that such a thing actually exist??? LOL. WOOSH


Faith said...


huihui said...

of course!! I wanted to play with it at science centre a few yrs back. HoHOhO

huihui said...

oh ya. hope the one with 'unbalanced emotions' is not me . . . . o.O -_-

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