Wednesday, January 21, 2009

selfish confession.

the only reason i have to have that want would be not be left behind when u're in ur own world and ready to take off without me.

because people just fade off. like the effects u see in movies. they just fade off into the dark. leaving u there alone carrying the burden of what they used to promise. they can convince u to believe, convince u to make sense out of things that doesn't & then they'll leave, & everything will just crumble around u as u struggle to pick up the broken shards..

because they just disappear, after the promises, they'll always disappear.

so i hope u don't come back anymore. with ur empty promises of love. with ur reassurances that it's gonna be alright. because none of this is real.

just leave. i will be fine. like i always will. don't patronise me.

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