Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Define teacher

a person who teaches or instructs, esp. as a profession; instructor.

that's it? a person who instructs?

my philosophical reflections class has been forcing me to rethink alot about my definitions of why i chose this career in the face place.

1. i did it for money and self survival.
i'm not THAT altruistic to go around claiming that kids are my first priority. when prices are shooting up, u'd realise that ur passion for kids cannot be converted into money, thus passion cannot feed ur empty stomach, what more maintain a family/lifestyle.

2. i flunked my As. sad but true, my results cannot get me anywhere. i love teaching, but i would have love to gone out to see the world. if i was rich, i would have gone out to get a private degree in history/psychology/chinese before entering NIE. NIE is a really really small world and the teaching community is not as united as we thought.

3. yeah, i did it for e kids, because i love to see smiles on kids faces. because i'm narcissitic and love ppl to call me miss yeo ten thousand times a day, even when they wanna go to the toilet. the sound of my sweet name is honey to my ears. HURHUR.

to put it simply, i'm scared of teaching still because i know that what i really need to tide me through the tough times when i enter a school to teach is not theory but experience. i'm afraid my lesson won't be fun. i'm afraid i'd conform to the traditional methods where i'll just dump them with tons of exam papers.

we all talk about freedom to teach e kids, but how many of us are really ready? or are we too busy joining in the rat race, trying to clamour on top of each other to get the boss's attention so that we can hopefully rise up the salary scale.

why are we suppose to accept the world we live in as it is? because this is globalization? because this is the century of materialism? if u can't beat it, join it? what kind of freakin logic is tt?
den be urself day now can be translated into going ard naked and it can be justified as a artistic talent? and when did gay and lesbianism come into this whole equation of being urself?

my previous contract school has been a scene of chaos, with daggers flying all over e place, and my ex colleagues are just trying their best to dodge all e crap that's flying around. i bet u'll be laughing when u picture pileloads of shit flying around work cubicles. HAHA. the joysss of office life.


Faith said...

the fact youre even questioning yourself so intensely shows what a great teacher youre gonna be. i love your honesty. :)

양사민 estelwen said...

haha thanks :D

anyway i can't follow u on ur blog lehhhh.

Faith said...

dun need to follow. just walk beside me. hahahahaaa.