Thursday, September 18, 2008

let me sort things out

i dun noe why i'm depressed by what he said...

but i guess he made sense in one way or another.

but it's not like i've not wanted to come for meetings, nor that i'm slacking and refusing to do what the grp has told me to do.

sure i cld have conributed more if i knew wad e shit theories were abt.

and den when i try to give suggestions u said it was wrong. so it made me more confused then ever.

but i know i wldn't say this to anyone in e grp,

cus i just have to shoulder all the blame

or maybe i was really whining at that time... so let's just take it that everything was my own fault. that i shouldn't have said i don't know so openly, that when u only gave me 5 mins to think up of some crap i should have been born smarter and should have known what to say.

and den at the end of the whole damn issue i feel so depressed, even more lost then ever, and hating u to the core for being so impatient with ppl who are slow to understand what u really wanted.

i'm upset at a piece of crap. very upset.

1 comment:

Faith said...

ayyyyyyyy. not worth getting upset over an asshole like that la.