Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cedar Blue

they're tearing down e clock tower, the science block, the PE block & den u just dun wanna look anymore...

8 years after building the most wonderful & beautiful sch in Cedar Ave, they decided it was too old for their fancy so they tore everything down according to some stupid "let's keep everything sparkling new" scheme where they happily use tax payers money to renovate schools which are barely even 10 years old.

Nothing seems to be lasting... u get replaced & forgotten too quickly... just like tt, all these places with e wonderful memories of Cedarians are gone...

i guess there were no regrets when we left e sch with gd grades, so full of hope & dreams at the age of 16, hugging our dear friends & e tears just flowed freely as we bid each other farewell.

i don't know y i can still cry. The wonderful memories & people, teachers & friends who used to make up e heart & soul of cedar just overwhelms me.
Rmbring myself screaming as we ran down the stairs playing childish games during recesses,
waving madly at friends across e block only to see them cringe & then laugh at me for being so ridiculously idiotic & stupid,
jumping crazily up & down on the 3rd lvl of e classroom blk when we received our O lvls results for CL,
changing in classroom with e ultimate cedar technique only to duck under tables or squeeze behind dusty cupboards when a male teacher was unfortunate/fortunate enough to come into e class to pass us our assignments,
Mr Khoo & his lovely quotes of e day & very deep resounding "Oh, Is It? " where we'll just laugh, the lovely courtyard where ms leong had our wkly wednesday reflections, where my sis & i did a campaign speech for Lynn with my sis imitating Mr Khoo
the lovely courtyard where we snoozed away happily at e back as people droned on endlessly abt being honest, responsibile etc
the lovely courtyard where we lugged our books & notes & studied furiously just before we died in e examination hall
the lovely school compound where we cheered freely, anywhere, anytime & anyone could just join in.

I'm still nostalgic, to e pt of crying everytime i walk past e freaking place & i'm just flooded with so much memories of plain insanity, fun, & laughter. e place where i felt loved & learned how to love in return. e place where teachers wld wear class t shirts no matter how ridiculous they looked with e cheesy taglines.

We are from Cedar
We shall not be moved
We are from Cedar
We shall not be moved
Like the trees that are planted by the waterside
We shall not be moved

i think we're still suffering from post cedar blues....


Faith said...

wow. i wish i could miss my sch that way. i'll be the first to throw a party should they tear my sec school now. lol.

echizen said...

:( I felt the same way when they renovated Andss. :(