Thursday, August 07, 2008

critical thinking of yang sa min

think deep think deep IDIOT.

i think i become more stupid as i grow up, apathetic too...

because i've felt that debating abt life's issue doesn't get me anywhere, because making a stand in singapore means u're different, & when u're different u're persecuted.
& even more so now that i'm a civil servant so it would be biting the hand that feeds me?

what crap.

so being thrown back into the "critical thinking" class with almost everyone having a faked accent or thinking deep abt any education policies that i didn't like is not helping my 'way' of singapore life.

i think besides being famed for our singlish/HDB flats, we should just get first in youth apathy as well. telling us to make critical statments about MOE's policies? U WANT ME TO DIE AH? honestly speaking, i'm still apprehensive about everything that is there. u cannot ask us to be critical when we are being forced to conform. it's just ironic & when u eventually go back to work in a school, how much can critical thinking/theories on education help u when u're being confined?

sure u have inspirational articles on how teachers have not given up on students or teachers who go all out to inspire that just ends there.
is the freedom to teach self imposed? or are we restricted by the higher ups? or maybe the freedom was just dellusional after all?

singapore has changed definitely, since i last blogged abt my beloved coutry a year back. prices flying up, foreigners flying in & nvr out, & we are talking abt a open society. HURHUR, i bet all of us are just habouring muderous thoughts of just killing them if they step on our toes. in fact, our family motto now is nt study hard to get a good paying job but study hard so that u won't get displaced.

we are just slowly being displaced, and ironically by the very own govt that we voted to secure our future. our governing body has successfully run singapore like a profit making monopoly and this year we can all celebrate our national day boasting of higher growth rates, our success at recycling junk water blah blah blah.

sure we'll still have our NDP showcasing our talented 'youths' who surprise surprise r locals, or mayb those formation dances which are made up of who knows half singaporeans & half foreigners. everything might just b the same old boring crap but listen carefully this time. just listen. when they sing the old familiar cheesy oldies like count on me singapore, stand up for singapore, one ppl, one nation, one singapore, or maybe just the national anthem itself, i wouldn't b surpirsed if e voices belting out these songs might be so much lesser, & e volume so much softer....


way to go singapore, u're 43 and u are slowly replacing ur own kind. way to go...

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