Tuesday, July 29, 2008


a gift from my student who once wrote, 'shut up u stupid idiot' on his maths workbk just for me & traumatised me like hell after tt. i nvr got over that until i saw this card. but the skeleton hand is nt really helping with a apology XD HOHO

i'm addicted to cabal, of all times to be addicted to something when u're just abt to start sch. & it's been a yr & a half since i've sat down with books & notes to study hur hur except for my BTT & i flunk it yoh. sthuuupid

and i've also amassed buckloads of coloured pens and refills for red pens and 2 full pencil cases of stationery. lol. nxt time i start working i shld kope more stationery items from student. MUAHAHA. see my enthusiasm abt studying? SEE SEE SEE!!!! XD WOOT.


to actually start school & be a student again wld mean a whole lot more to me this year then it did last yr.
i was a working adult last year, receiving a self sustainable but meagre salary enough only for myself but not enough for a family. i listened with envy & sometimes irritation at how ppl talked abt sch in funny terms like modules AUs credits hall wad block wad. it all didn't make sense & it just made me feel more left out den i already was.

now tt u're a student, treasure it, my senior said. i guess it really makes alot more sense now tt i have a vague idea of how working e world is like, it's temptations & vices, with everything being tied to financial & hierachial status. all these doesn't matter now tt i'm in sch. for now.... i hope.

continue to inspire and be inspired. rock on.