Sunday, July 13, 2008

my evil twin

how do u look up to someone when she turns out to be completely different from what u've thought she used to be.

is either she gave me the wrong impression, or i had judged her too quickly or that she has just changed.

i'm serious because e more i know her e more i'm turned off.

here she is stressing on the point she's been through so much in life, that she's so much older than the rest of the new teachers that she's so damn experienced that i shld just worship the ground that she walks on and call myself useless. in fact, being with her has made me feel very worthless because the spotlight's always on how she deals with things correctly and how wrong i've done or screwed up. & i was so stupid to be led around by the nose.

"do you think i'm pretty or beautiful?"
"i was like that last time, i've been through this before"
& she shld be honoured that i'm dedicating a blogpost to her.

and it's kinda of sad, because i was just about to prove to myself that colleagues can be ur friends too.

pray for me, she said. pray that i'll stay sane. inside me i just smirked.


would doing something wrong be justifiable by the simple reason of, i love u i care for u, so i betrayed u for u.


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Faith said...

hello sunshine :)