Saturday, June 21, 2008

up up and away....

MY HOLIDAYS ARE ENDING! LOL. damn i'll just hide in a corner and cry.

but hey life's been great for the second half of the holidays. i was sulking and bawling for the first half because as i've told u, moe ran out of stamps. lol. so their shipment of stamps arrived on the second half of the holidays and thus i received consecutively 2 letters that was pretty much crazy.

end of holidays means i'll be quite depressed for a while because there'll be people i have to face, students in particular but hey i'll get over it. the sad thing was i didn't miss them as much as i missed my pupils in cps. classroom management for p4s has always freaked me out in fact was having nightmares abt it during holidays. haix. does that mean i love teaching less? i'm not sure too.
i've been out with the backrow alot during this hols, lol, very very close ppl whom i can just go crazy and don't give a damn.

freedom will be on 22 july. there'll be ppl i'll miss but i've learnt enough and this experience has been humbling enough. 4 wks from now till 22 july to psycho myself to pick up my books and start studying again.

up up and away....


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