Thursday, June 26, 2008

u incorrigible bitch

ok u are pretty, nt beautiful

and so what if u're pretty, ur EQ is damn low because now that i'm having my pms, ur insensitive and supposedly for my good comments are making me feel really depressed.

c'mon, so what if u're 6 years older then me? i refuse to believe that u're in any way more mature than i am and why shld i trust u just because "u've been thru this"? because u love to assume that i know so fking little dat i need u to comment on how i'm doing things? if u're being helpful, i find u a pain in e ass.

u love to the assume, and then when i'm halfway thru my sentence u'll happily jump into ur own fking conclusion and den start commenting on "actually, u shldn't do this" fuck u. this is the first time in my life i've felt so tired talking to a person because i constantly find myself unknowingly becoming very defensive when i speak to u.

i think u're a screwed up asshole and i'm sorry if i've known u cus the more i learn about u, the more i hate u. and so what if u had depression in sec 2? it means that u've gone thru alot more if u had depression? and u're here teaching me how to handle depression when u have totally no fking clue what is goin on.

i hate it when ppl assume they know so much abt my life and den after assuming they give fking useless advice.

i srsly dun give a fk or damn where or what u've gone thru, ur hurtful assumptions & ur comments abt my teaching methods. i know my methods are not good but e last person i want to get advice from is u because after all this, i just realised that u were nvr sincere and have just been putting me down, even though u sound damn positive.

and srry, i'm not coming to ur sunday mass.


saffron said...

Why so angry? It just sounds like you're being delusional. For certain you can choose to ignore me for I am but a stranger assuming things of another stranger, but I truly only mean well. If you have an issue with this person, try talking things out with her, there is really no point in getting all worked up with this name-calling, because the bitterness feels self-imposed, almost self-destructive. If she is wrong in her assumptions, tell her that - how else is she to know? If she has flaws and you don't have a way to help her with them, then just try to avoid her. Be the best you can be, you don't have to make assumptions or be hurtful either, regardless of whether the sentiment reaches the other party. It's only going to grow harder to work with someone as you continue to let these thoughts fester - let it go, everyone needs a chance, forgiveness. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to be the one giving it, living it?

양사민 estelwen said...

thank u for ur advice. i wrote it in a moment of anger so i guess in a way i was mean. i was just letting out some steam after which it doesn't bother me that much anymore.
i'll think through u've said :)

chee said...

Yosh! Take care!

양사민 estelwen said...

hey babe! where have u been?? i miss u :)

wl said...

HAHHAHA. F*** that person who is wad??? a meagre few yrs older. lol