Saturday, June 28, 2008


we shld all have QQ.
because QQ pets is so darn cute & a big distraction. hahaha. i have on 'residing' at e corner of my desktop screen. hehe


problems just pile up, they don't go away.

and honestly speaking, i have a feeling tt i'm just running away cus i'm tired of seeing the ppl here and my newly acquainted 'friend'.

it's either my EQ has been damn low recently or that i'm really trying to throw everything behind.

but what i've told her is true. i dun care how much she claims to understand or nt. the simple fact is that i hate being talked down like a kid. i am nt stupid and i can differentiate whether u're treating me like an adult or like a kid who doesn't know better.

u start talking abt life's philosophies, abt how if u can't change others, u shld first change urself instead. and then e worst thing is u had e nerve to insult my english by first insisting that a wrong sentence is correct "The way to the Big Ben, one has to climb up the spiral staircase ..." and then when i suggested that it might be wrong, u just screwed on my nerves by telling the other colleague that i'm nt experienced enough in this. WTF?!

and ur only explanation for this is that u're very frank & u'll say what's on ur mind. so? u say what's on ur mind w no absolute consideration for others?

am i complaining again? can i complain? can i rant? am i too concerned abt what others think of me? i can't live with this kind of ppl sitting behind me & commenting on every single thing i do, i think i'll go crazy....

u want me to open up? i alrdy did on the day when we were vetting the paper when i blew up when u made tt stupid comment on me being inexperienced. i'm learning so stop saying i'm nt experienced. I KNOW THAT. it's like going up to a blind man & telling him that he's blind.

" jus tt i find lately u seem quite distracted..
easily irritated.. attitude not as fantastic as b4.. is everything fine for u?
or its jus when u are coming to the end of yr contract.. u feel like throwing everything off?
i was like tt last time, and even worse things happened"

of course my attitude is nt fantastic, i'm irritated, but take note that it's towards u because i'm trying to keep everything as it is. i dun like to pass comments because i know it hurts & it's nt within my capability to point out ppl's flaws because i'm just a colleague of urs, i dun want to cross my boundaries.

it's 1 wk down & 3 more to go. let us just stay this way & hope that everything stays the way it is before we both screw up on this r/ship. ur way of dealing with UR students, i wish u gd luck.

but why is everything she's saying bugging me so much? is it because it's true?


echizen said...

Ugh, stupid bitch. So insensitive! Eat shit and die D<

I don't know why it's bothering you but I'll just say that it's absolutely tactless and regardless of whether it's true or not, it should not be said out loud.

cb said...

we are all fucked up. we are all going to die. hahahahahaaaa. i love you. have more confidence in yourself! stop letting anal people get into your butt.

wl said...

screw the fing bitch! haha
poor kids got such a freak for teacher who thinks she is a know it all. lol
hate this kind of ppl too.

we love estelwen! cheer up girl! :)

- said...

sometimes, you can really shock and amaze me, faith.

양사민 estelwen said...

yar that's why she's my fiancee, jealous? LOL

Faith said...

"sometimes"? just, "sometimes"?? hit me baby one more time.