Saturday, December 15, 2007



they always say
put urself in someone else's shoes.

but of course i don't think anyone does tt
cus we tend to knowingly/unknowingly put ourselves first before others
& cus e shoe stinks.

yet when we constantly go thru e cycle of hate, forgiveness, or nt really forgiving nor forgetting, what we do, as a mechanism of self defense, or as a justification of hate, will keep living in e past at that specific point of time, when someone has failed us or just pissed us off.

we're always e victims, so why shld we forgive?

yet it is also for myself tt i realise, tt forigiving is such a hard thing to do. it's like in e supposedly eighteen lvl hell where e sinned will relive e most painful moment again & again & again & again.

e feeling suxs.

so let me try to find a reason to forgive ur ignorance, ur pathetic-ness, ur temper, ur unreasonable demands, ur greed, ur vanity & all

& take u as who u r, as what i see,

cus ur shoes stinks & so does mine too. XD

happy pms-ing, YANG SA MIN.


Faith said...


estel said...

haha! ur shoes r featured!!!


but why omg? lol XD

i'm nt saying tt ur shoes stinks lar. muacks

Faith said...

its ok. im used to it. HAHA. i KNOW my shoes stink. >_<

Faith said...

stop harping on my shoes siaaaaa. blogggg!!!!!


simin said...

haha!blog!!! u leh!!! put a pict of legs there! so sexy! who's legs huh?

Anonymous said...

your legs. you dunno meh. LOL. took it while you were sleeping. heheee.