Friday, December 21, 2007

school posting ARGHHHH!!!

I AM POSTED TO BEDOK!!! yar yar i retook my kindergarten school leaving examinations aka KSLE & was posted to BEDOK!!! URGH!
apparently bedok is just half and hrs bus ride away but u know... BEDOK!!!! it is so damn far tt i classify it under e category of e unreachables, just next to woodlands marsiling.
oh man this is killing me. but like ms yu dan said, i must take everything in a positive light.

recently, yudan is my new fav. HURHUR. some how, sitting there listen to smone give holy talk makes u feel holy too. i been out of touch with chinese for too long. which suxs cus i don't even know how to write chinese characters. ARHHHHHHHHHHH!

if u've managed to read till this paragraph, u must really love me alot cus i think i'm writing shit. as an EDUCATOR, THOU SHALL NT SWEAR, BUT WHAT DA HELL. oh god. kids these days r even more well versed in sex den i am so heck, they already hurl e word fuck at teachers at pri 2 lvl already, dun be surprised if they have sex before 10yrs old. i've already given up on e nxt generation. they creep e hell out of me. which is y i want to marry a korean, & give birth to a korean baby.

& i've been living such a carefree life with my last months as a teenager. 19 OMFG & nxt year i'll be a goner. i think everyone will hate me cus i'll be a civil servant. so it means that ur taxes will be my salary. HEH HEH HEH. don't u hate me now?
anyway, i still don't get e big deal abt global warming. if e earth dies, everyone dies, big deal. no one is really THAT concerned abt global warming yet. we print on millions of paper each day to remind others to stop e cuttin down of trees. we spends millions setting up a conference of how we can "improve global economy" & at the same time hope to go green to save e earth. i'm like WTF???!!! OH THE IRONY.
u either give up e economy or give up e earth. so honestly, stop e big talk abt protecting e earth. it's really bullshit.

say bye bye to our jerboa, isn't he a cute little thing? he hops, & he lives in e desert too. i dun noe why but when i see cute things, i feel like eating them. HEH


Anonymous said...

dont worry about where you're posted to! you'll be an excellent teacher. and thats also why you're mental now. grins.


Anonymous said...

oohh merry christmas eve! muacksie doodle deeeee

To㎡ said...

merry x.mas~ hohoho.

simin said...

lol thanks fiancee & tom tom! hahaha merry christmas!

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