Monday, December 31, 2007

let me sing ur song to slp

i'm sick!!! LOVE SICK! & e whole big freakin pt is i'm nt even in love!!!
or maybe i'm nt love sick. anyway, if u watch peter pan, jeremy sumpter is cute. but his wendy has a really wide mouth. she looks pretty frm some angles though. but guys seem to get uglier when they get older... I'M A PAEDOPHILE!!!

e sch is weird, i don't noe anyone there, e sch is small, e buffet wasn't as nice.
oh well. i'm looking forward to my work laptop! heh

it surprises me, how 2 ppl frm 2 different worlds can meet out of the so many millions of ppl living here, have so much fun & den stop all contacts all together. maybe it's like they always say in e movies. it's like as if it's a dream. but somehow they stay on u. one way or another. i know he'll say tt it's part of his plan, but for me, i always believe it to be a part of affinity.

so let me sing ur song to slp.


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simin said...

hahaha!WHERE GOT???

i'm always LOYAL to my WIVES & FIANCEES XD