Sunday, December 31, 2006

new year is nt very new

waves byebye to kk BO cash management dept
hellos to cps sws teachers & students

so here i am, preparing myself for e BIG DAY in 3 days time where i get to torture students with ss, maths, eng & if i'm nt wrong, PE. yes, dun laugh, PE. but honestly, i dun have to care much, do my job, get e pay & get e hell out of there. hopefully, nt screwing up anybody or myself.

i actually appluad my sis for writing a dictionary of cedar frm A - Z. it's good to know tt someone actually shares e same experience with u in e same place with e same ppl.

& i've realised tt most personalities are actually formed during e crucial period from sec 1-4. but i guess tt must be crap deduction. i have nthing to rant abt life. in fact, there's too much for me to rant abt tt i can't be bothered to rant abt it. take care ppls. take care.


things always gets more complicated when e issue of money comes into e story. when princes & princessess talk abt living happily ever after, they do nt have to factor in the cost of living, the cost of bringing up a child. in fact, they're just too obsessed with each other to even calculate. so this is how we get or maybe naive ppl get attracted to k.drama. those promises of i'll love u forever, of running away to a new place where nobody can find us. u can't live a dream. a dream will nt be called a dream if it can be fulfilled in reality.

if our friendships do get affected because of reality, i won't hold on. because u & i can't feed ourselves on friendship, on hopes, on false expectations & dreams...

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Miao said...

You're going to teach at Cedar Primary? Congratulations! At least you're familiar with its surroundings.

I shall share with you the horrors of PHS meetings when there is a chance.