Thursday, December 14, 2006


this song has been playing in my mind for e past few days since i heard her cry. i don't know. i had initially planned to burn down recruit express's office, but found out recently tt my friend was working there so i guess i'll just have to shelve my plans. wadever it is, i've been lucky so far in my past working expriences (xcluding my sec 4 $1/hr work) so everything is pretty much ok, cept for feeling e guilt once in a while for nt being able to help. i just pass life each day pretty much the same.

i don't know if this heavy feeling comes from e recent changes in my life or maybe i'm just too drained by work. my work load is pretty ok actually.

i guess i've been pushing things to e back of my mind, nt wanting to think too much into e future, just living everyday hoping tt this will nt end. i don't know how i feel towards all these stuff anymore. it makes me depressed when i talk abt so i guess i'll just act dumb & laugh it off like it doesn't really matter much to me as it is to u.

it's fascinating how e person who understood my fear was the one who was in a worse situation then i was. even though i'm nt as financially handicapped as her, i guess these kind of stuff is just difficult to explain & only ppl who've been thru it know what it truly means to fear for e uncertainties in life, nt just As, results or relationships but rather e basic survival of a family unit & how long it can hold out under e financial strain...

i'm tired i guess.... & i tot e race has ended...





Miao said...

That is the song which was played repeatedly throughout the movie "Perhaps Love", no? :)

Mu Tai Dong said...

我有我昨晚写在浴的一首歌曲! (它应该唱歌总共"他有全世界在他的手里") 我喜欢拿着蜂在我喜欢绘地精用我的手我喜欢烹调食物的我的手里并且烧我的手(合唱) 我做一切用我做一切用我的手我做一切用我的手的我的手 我抹那些泪花肮脏我拥抱婴孩deers 他们咬住我的手我读诗对孩子他们握我的手我做一切用我的手的我的手。(合唱重覆)
I had me last night to write in a bath song! (It should sing altogether "he to have world in his hand")
I to like taking the bee
to like in me
drawing the polygonum multiflorum in my hand
which I likes with mine hand cooking food and to burn my hand (chorus) I
to make all with me to make all with mine hand I to make all with mine hand my hand
I to wipe these tears to be dirty
I to hug baby deers
they to bite my hand
I to read the poem to the child they to shake my hand
I to make all to use my hand my hand. (Chorus repetition)

Miao said...

mu tai dong shi ge feng zi, mei li de han yu he ying yu dou bei ta dian wu he po huai le, ta hai shi ren wei zi ji de yu wen neng li hen qiang, dao chu liu yan, xi wang bie ren neng xin shang ta suo wei de chuang zuo cai hua. wo zhen shi shou bu liao ta. ta yi ding shi zai jia zhuang zi ji de zhong wen he ying wen hen li hai, wo jiu pian pian yong han yu pin yin xie zhe ze liu yan, ta jiu suan shi yong wang shang fan yi ji ye ken ding bu zhi dao wo xie de nei rong. ni kuai dian jiao ta gun dan ba, ta zhen shi fan si ren.

estelwen said...

do i noe u?

Miao said...

I suppose she likes to blog-hop. She probably came here through your link on my blog.

Mu Tai Dong said...

ng li hen qiang, dao chu liu yan, xi wang bie shong flip tu no hen gleep gloop. Shlap shing ping pang pong. Hin hone tinie yogga luckka tipe tope flooook zhen zhen nocka pin yin xie zhe ze liu yan n shang ta su a. wo zhen shi shou bu liao ta!!!!! TING TONG!

Mu Tai Dong said...

You suitably do not speak Iraq which north Chinese wool I did not even think you are the Chinese! !

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Miao does not speak very good Chinese Mu Tai. This is what she said:
"You are better than me at Chinese, I am sorry for any offence I might have caused. I promise not to do it again, also something about her favourite noodle dish"

estelwen said...

ok seems like they're having fun though i doubt their sanity

Faith said...


Miao said...

Dear Mutleythedog, your ignorance does not bother me - I am above cerebrally-challenged people. Only people like you would foolishly believe that Mu Tai Dong is funded by the Patriotic Writers' Fund. Now, please stop spewing rubbish on my friends' blogs with your nonsense and abysmal English/Chinese. Do try to preserve an iota of dignity for yourselves by refraining from self-embarrassment in public. Don't expose your ignorance for the entire world to see. And since you don't know Chinese or even basic han yu pin yin, you are in no position to comment. So now screw off back into your own little world where Mu Tai Dong is the "Queen of English and Chinese", you silly ignoramus.

Miao said...

And oh, Mu Tai Dong, from your gibberish I infer that you doubt my proficiency in Chinese and also my Chinese roots? I now see that you are incapable of forming cogent arguments and coherent sentences and are only capable of behaving petulantly when you are obviously losing credibility. When you know that your facade as a bilingual well-learned writer (don't make me laugh) is being exposed you resort to unreasonable tactics like questioning your opponent's identity, which is so laughable and childish. But fortunately for you, Mr. Mutleythedog is totally smitten with you so much that he supports every single piece of rubbish you say, and defends all your silly claims. O, does Mr. Mutleythedog truly think that in the Chinese language there are words with han yu pin yin like 'gleep gloop'? That is truly classic. You have an amazingly boundless imagination and you are so incredibly creative, Ms. Mu Tai Dong.

Now, dear Ms. Mu Tai Dong and her admirer Mr. Mutleythedog, if you want to respond to my comments, kindly post your responses on my blog instead of polluting my friend's blog. The world does not need so much crap.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miao

I agree with what you say! I am not funded by the Patriotic Writers Fund (what is that by the way - I don't think I mentioned it?) nor is Mu Tai! I particularly admire "drawing the polygomum multiflorum in my hand which I likes with mine hand cooking food and to burn my hand (chorus)" Now how would you chorus that??? From now on I only post to you Ms Miao, but I am afraid that Mu Tai has linked your blog!!

echizen said...


Um, it is my opinion that if you don't know the blog owner or is not commenting on the owner's entry, then you should just screw off into your own world and stop bothering everyone.

By the way, "ping pang pong"?


And mutleythedog, please excuse my pitiable level of Chinese and kindly translate this for me (without using an online translator, if you please):



"ng li hen qiang, dao chu liu yan, xi wang bie shong flip tu no hen gleep gloop. Shlap shing ping pang pong. Hin hone tinie yogga luckka tipe tope flooook zhen zhen nocka pin yin xie zhe ze liu yan n shang ta su a. wo zhen shi shou bu liao ta!!!!! TING TONG!"

It sounds more like Thai than Chinese to me, thankyouverymuch.

(and "Ting tong!"?? Is she like, mistaking the computer for a doorbell or something?)

Anonymous said...

You are welcome to post on my blog any time you like Echizen!