Monday, November 08, 2010

so close to stupidity

i cannot control emotional outburst.

like what i said just now, i just really didn't expect it to come out of myself at all.

yes u're right, i am in every sense a attention seeking bitch, are these are the moments of attention which i seek should i lose control of myself.

talk abt carnal lust. lol. this is what i'm faced with everyday.

n sure,after that i enjoy the moment on replay too

i would always go back later to relieve the moment, but never that pleasure that came with that moment . it's just this overwhelming guilt that consumes me because i always take things twice as hard that wad NORMAL ppl wld usually do.

and every single once in a while, the bitches and sluts lose control, and come out in bloody zig zagged lines on the back of their hands.

sure, i enjoy the moment. i always do. thank u for pointing it out to me.

if there's anything that comforts you, u are not at the losing end.

my debt is always paid in blood and self hatred.

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