Tuesday, November 09, 2010

let's clear the air shall we

i don't understand wad u mean by:

But u seem to enjoy it. Everyone could see it.

At the expense of someone's dignity and pride...

sorry i don't wanna bother u about this. take care

who was everyone? or u mean u and ur gd friend who took it personally?

at whose dignity or pride?

u don't wanna bother me abt what? You tell me so many hurtful things, and then without any further explanation, u go on to say u don't wanna bother me? really. u are soooo considerate aren't you?

you serious, after u shoot me down, stab me, and spit on me, u ask me to take care.

so u sriously thought that i was out to put anyone in a difficult position at all?

so u sriously thought that i was enjoying every moment of it?

if anything, i would have expected u to know me better. out of every frigging one there. i though u wld have been the one to know better what my outburst was for and what triggered it. yet the people who were not close to me understood perfectly what i was trying to say. it's just that they didn't say it. I was the one who was stupid enough to say it. YET AGAIN.

u, on the other hand made me out to be this psycho freak that enjoyed attention and putting everyone down.

sure. i shld guess that a little part of me enjoyed that moment of attention when everyone was listening to me.

i guess u never truly understood why i joined this club for the 3rd time. which was why u were so quick to believe when i told u that i joined for hall points and u went around telling people that, i haf no idea with what ur intention was at all. and i had to hear what u said about me, from someone else. awesome really.

and i guess tt was y u were also so quick to believe that i had the intention to hurt anyone in particular when all i was really concerned about, was why was OTE giving us, as a club, so much problems and why, is no one angry that OTE is giving us so much problems. Why is everyone horrified when people gave suggestions to stand up against the OTE?

in the end, i guess the person who really gave a flying fuck abt it just hurt herself the most in the end.

and u, after all that u said, can just come up to me and say u are sorry AND that i don't understand u. which part of the u putting me down do i not understand? am i supposed to see it as an act of a concerned friend who wants to point me to the right direction? well i guess u did pt me in the right direction in the end didn't u?

if u wanted to understand my rationale for saying all that i've said during the meeting. then what was YOUR rationale for saying that to me straight after i told u that i just apologised for my mistake. Do i sound so adamant that i was in no fault at all that warranted your response?

do you even know me at all?

i guess not. like u claimed how i didn't understand u anyway.

thank u for everything. really. especially for that one special moment that you made me feel like a freak and that i didn't deserve to be loved.

i am sorry that i have disappointed u, in what ways, i don't know. if ur fb status was even about me. haha. i am a shameless and cheap slut who can never change after all, aren't i.

u have been an awesome friend. and i wish u well.

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