Thursday, November 12, 2009

to my rmmate, long overdue

to all those who've been in a relationship or are in a relationship now. pls define love for me. like just tell me. what makes a relationship?

because i think my NIE mates are screwing up that definition very much....


and i am my rmmate's slave.

like sriously,

she still sets her alarm clock, it rings, she doesn't wake up, i'll wake up instead, and i'll wake her up. & if she still doesn't wake up, i'll go into a supposedly snooze mode, n try to wake her up again n again n again.

simin = alarm clock

her fking alarm clock can ring for ten times within 5 minutes. n because she likes to slp on her phone. i bloody hell can't off e alarm.

she cooks, eats, and then leaves her pot there, expecting it to be miraculously washed for her. she has a unwashed cup that is untouched for 3 wks, a box with mouldy bread & god noes wad.

simin = dishwasher

she doesn't go for project meetings, cus she either can't be bothered, or she overslept.
her grp mates, & also my NIE friends will complain to me. i'll shurg, and say maybe she's nt feeling well.

simin = ass - coverer.

with her r/ship on e rocks, & e probability of her breaking up with her bf high, i believe there will be one less person to nag her abt her medicine & stuff. i wonder who will be taking up e responsbility nxt.

but honestly, selfishly speaking, i do fear for myself, alot of times. cus she noes that there'll be ppl she can rely on when she falls. she keeps thinking that she's independent, that's because she doesn't noe e trouble she's gotten into and how much her friends have covered up for her.

i can fucking qualify for a nanny.

and she still says i'm controlling & fierce & don't let her whine in front of me.u think i want arh. i wish i was callous enough to leave u there to rot n mould like e bread. because it's nt my fucking business. because u weren't even there for me when i fell...

u have no idea how much i still hate u. how much i still can't let go....

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