Sunday, November 15, 2009


i've been receiving live feed from my rmmate regard her status b/w her & her bf. since thurs

it's like having live updates every few hours.

almost like facebook. just tt u can't choose to ignore.

n now tt all of us (3 of us, plus her new flirt, which i assumed will be in her mailing/sms list) are having exams, there's this sense of helplessness due to our inability to commit.

for me. i think life still stays pretty much e same. just that i am affected nonetheless. but i try to ignore it.

"he said he v unhappy... he said he tried his best. then if i wan 2 break den break"

i wonder why she msged me abt this. when she had always wanted an end to this r.ship which she felt was another burden to her already very hard & sad life.

i instinctively typed this:

"babe, whatever it is, we'll be there for u"

i contemplated for a long while... then i deleted e unsent msg.

i began typing again...

"babe, whatever it is, stay strong."


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