Monday, November 16, 2009

my sis saw e scars the other day we went out.

wad happened? she said, & then stared at me

i fell, i said, flatly. u noe just fell & scratched myself la! den i gave e stupid farking nervous laugh

OI, say leh.

ok ok, i did it. i dun noe wad happened. it just happened. i'm fine now. no worries.

i mean urs wasn't any better. den i stared at her wrist.

shuddup la. aiyar u wait for me to study my psycho a few more years den i'll come save u & ur stupid mensus moods.

HARHAR. ur few more years wld mean i'll be dead by den already.

i'm so glad she's taking psychology. because she's so psycho smtimes. (judging frm e photos she took with my webcam)

i guess we all are screwed. once in a while.

but i guess what makes us beautiful is that despite all e imperfections & scars. we move on. with vigour. loving & hating life each day. that is us. that is what make us the perfectly flawed human.
(pls dun tell her i uploaded these photos here. haha.she will so kill me)

n depression & self multilation are more common den we think. said to be dr psycho yeo . haha

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Faith said...

i love this post!