Sunday, October 04, 2009

recess wk

i wonder if there'll be a day

when i'll become so dellusional that i'll take my own life

the chances of anything happening at all is just like e probability of u getting knocked down by a car.

but then again there are ppl who do get knocked down by cars. like one sunny day. like any other normal day.

what makes u desperate enough to take ur own life?
when u have nthing to lose? or when u have nthing to gain?

my recess wk was a little screwed. i think i slpt for a wk. or maybe it was all a dream...

i think funerals are like this little sacred places where time just stops. where everyone is like black and white. time ceases to exist. and i guess with that, emotions are numbed too. surrealism in nostalgic way.

i'm sorry i cldn't meet up with u faith. i miss u loads. :(

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