Tuesday, October 13, 2009


There is a saying that the earth upon which we fall is the same ground which enables us to push ourselves up again. There's another which maintains that barley grows better after it has been trampled on. Human relationships are sometimes painful, but there is no such pain from which we cannot recover. It is up to us to decide to live a life free from self-doubt and despair in spite of our failures. Indeed, it is during our most humbling moments that we should show greatest poise and grace. Then the dignity of our lives will truly shine.

i think, religion gives her alot of hope. ignoring the fact that their ultimate aim is to achieve world peace in the end.

i think religion gives her hope to move past tragic events in her life. to keep her strong and calm in the face the worst that life has to "offer". in fact, 12 years of knowing her, i've never seen her cry. at all, despite all that she's facing. she's never blamed anyone or life. she just lived. for passion, for her family, for her friends. she just lived life to e fullest.

if there's a embassidor they need for living life to e fullest, i think she fully qualifies for that. without doubt.

she gives me hope. always.

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