Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i would like to say

what the fuck.


my rmmate, my nie mate.

both of which i have no obligation to be nice to, since both i dun really like.

farnnie how i've been living with her for almost 2 years, and we share so much secrets. oh wait. it's her secrets. i dun share mine with her. since she openly doesn't like most of my other friends that i'm close to. like i'm exclusive to her. she can fuck herself and die.

i dun like her. still. for e fucking things that she does. for her irresponsibility towards herself and others.

so what if i'm e fucking wayang queen and i dun like to say things directly. if i had to be direct, it wouldnt be nice. at all.

fucked up bitch. if u think u noe me very well. think again. ur judegement of ppl is really screwed.


Anonymous said...

go baby go!

-ur lover

zihui said...

screw 'em!