Thursday, December 18, 2008

woosh 4am

i think i can't live without my bed.

i'll need a quilt, 2 pillows and 3 bolsters.

i can't slp anywhere else.

i take a few hrs to slp in my bed in hall.


and e blinding lights with e crazily low base sound that just breaks ur eardrums if it gets any louder.

it's like ur heart is pumping so hard it's gonna break ur ribcage and u'll drop dead in a pool of blood. haha

it's crazy. e sexually charged crowd. everyone's horny. and den u just stand in e corner and shake. no one cares anyway.

and den along e road u see ppl slumped against e wall, vomit all over.

it's like they enjoy being in this state.

i can't slp for god's sake. i can't slp... fug

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