Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i'm srry for being an asshole

i think i've been pretty anal recently, to the point of extremely irritating and stupid and squarish.

today i was just being a total BEE-ITCH to my class cus e principal and v p was just 2 classes away from mine and i really didn't want them to "visit" me when it wasn't my lesson observation yet.

and i think my IQ has been bordering on the range of stupidity and idiocy. choose either one, there's nt much difference. u can talk to me and den u'll realise that my reaction time is not as fast as i like it to be. or maybe, i've been that slow since the beginning of time. just that now it's much more damn obvious.

i don't like the way i am now. my personality seems to be taking a 100 % change from good to worse.

maybe it's because of the students, but maybe it's just because i'm just wallowing in self pity which makes me pretty much screwed up in the head. my sense of judgment is pretty much kuku now.

i'm srry for being an asshole. i'll change. i promise.


Anonymous said...

you're ok babe. haha. stress la. chill, chill. relax. take it easy. :)


Anonymous said...

ay update leh.

estelwen said...

lol who u?

nthing to update, busy with work hahahaha