Thursday, February 14, 2008

hello world! happy v day!

i don't know why i'm so not looking forward to sch. the crazy mood swings & e kids all over e place with e principal & v-p walking ard. i think they hates me... cus i was late for a meeting once and i was sketching the picture of my mobile phone during e meeting.

C'MON, I WAS BORED!!!! and i was listening!!! i think... wad da hell.

and there was once when i tot my class wasn't noisy at all when e vp walked in and scolded my class. ARHHHHHHHH. she apologised to me which made me even more stressed. bleahx.

and my students dunno what fuck means. because frm their hp dictionary which sucks, it explains it as a word people scold when they're angry. so i guess they assumed it was harmless. so they messaged me this, good bye miss yeo, wtf. and i went o.o

they are so lame, they make me angry, they have a weird sense of humour by throwing stones @ me & telling me i need to have a bf but they're e bunch i look forward to seeing everyday. really. somehow they just became a reason why i go to sch. or else i wld have given up.

damn, e tourism market looks very "lucrative" recently. maybe i shld consider joining. BWAHAHA

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