Sunday, November 11, 2007

paboo songsaenim

it's only when u feel that u've done enough is when u've not done enough
& when u actually think that u're the most decent human being ard, u're actually an asshole.

so judging from e "equation" that i've formed above, everything is always the opposite of what u truly are.
which is what i feel is the "truth" to how this sucky lovely world functions.

so using the equation above, this is what i think of myself...
i am an asshole
i tried my best for my A lvls.

wadever.... i hate being a woman with PMS. wtf. can we just be females without e fluctuating hormonal periods shits and live our lives happy without e freaking mood swings?
whoever said tt humans are e cleverest of all things made by god must be an asshole.
animals don't self multilate
animals don't declare war on each other using nuclear weapons
animals don't cause environmental damage to the earth
animals don't study books, take exams and as a result die of exams
animals can have multiple sex partners and be homosexual without flouting any laws in e animal kingdom.
animals don't play badminton. so they don't feel depressed.

so u noe wad, e creation of humans was a big mistake.
and yar lar, i'm feeling depressed cus my badminton skills suck & thus i embarrass myself in front of my colleagues. AND THIS REASON IS SO STUPID TT U SHLD LAUGH AT ME. HAHA

and i don't noe how to improve my engrish. suxs man. i'm finding a thousand and one reasons to be depressed. HAHA

and my cbox is outdated. depressed again.

and i haven't bought my laptop. depressed again.

so meanwhile, i'm spent my depressing PMS days playing with sims2, going extra high when i ctrl my sims to have affairs, get burnt and die frm e fire, get eaten up by plants, i really have nthing else to do.

and i haven't learnt korean yet!!! i can't communicate with my korean kid!!! so far frm my few crash courses i've attended by forcing my kid to teach me a korean word before i speak to him, i've only learnt
1. bo-go-ship-da - i miss u
2. pae-go-pa - hungry
3. sa-rang-hae - i love u
4. song sae nim - teacher
5. ah puh - pain
6. an-ja - sit
7. chu-yong-yi-hae - keep quiet
8. pa-boo -stupid
9. chae-bal - please
10. chu-sae-yoh - please give me
11. kamsahamnida - thank you
12. gung gang ha sae yoh - be healthy
13. chin-gul - friend
14. yak suk - promise
15. anneonghasaeyoh - hello

it is now 3.00am. i have 1 more wk of employment. i am officially insane.


Faith said...

i don't know why this entry had me laughing like crazy. you're cute lar babe. and your korean, not bad not bad! :D


Miao said...

Haha. Animals do feel depressed lah. The other day I was walking along the streets when I saw a dog lying unhappily on the floor and its owner was trying to comfort it by stroking it repeatedly. I think they do have emotions... Just that they don't conceal their feelings like humans do.

Humans are too smart and that's why we are capable of doing stupid things like deception.

양사민 estelwen said...

miao: haha, i didn't say they don't feel depressed lar. i only sae they dun self mutilate as much as humans do. or maybe they do. heck.haha.woot

faith: hellow where got not bad. i'll die if i go korea alone with this kind of vocab. maybe i wun die of starvation cus i noe how to say paegopa. MUAHAHA.