Thursday, November 15, 2007

my shrink says get a life

my shrink (actually it's just my colleague lar, HAHA) tells me to get a bf before i become a full time teacher. but my point is, ISIT TT EASY???

anyway, i've this habit of talking to myself, in my head, alot. so i wld hear myself screaming to myself everyday, HELLO, AREN'T U DEAD YET? ARE U DEAD YET?? but of course this wld also be referring to some of e dearest ppl i know as well.

& my lovely korean kid has been getting into his mood swings lately. my sis thinks my relationship with him is getting to be all kinda of weird cus it's like bf & gf quarreling. HAHA. heck. he's just becoming more attention seeking. i think studying overseas makes u all kuku in e head.

but honestly, i'm nt really e social kind of shit. i stay @ home & play computer games. & learn hiragana, which i've been learning for e past few months while others take just wks. heck, i've been BUSY playing ok??

damn, someone just date me for badminton and make me happy lar.


Faith said...

BABE. You. Me. Badmintion. Soonish!

양사민 estelwen said...

HOHO! OK!!!!