Tuesday, November 13, 2007

homeland & ctry of residence

when conducting a NE survey today with my students today, my form teacher was asking e students abt e 5 NE messages in Singapore and if they strongly agreed with it.

when it came to e part of...
We must ourselves defend Singapore.

my korean student enthusiastically raised up his hand because he said tt singapore is a beautiful place & this is where he's living now.

"what if korea attacked singapore? wld u still defend singapore?"
his hands froze in midair and he became troubled.

"i'll go tell korea nt to attack Singapore lor" he said with uncertainty

"u think so easy meh" his singaporean partner sitting nxt to him mocked him

i asked him again,
"what if singapore attacks korea? wld u help singapore or korea?"
he started to lower his hands...

"aiyar! dun confuse him lar." my form teacher cut in before i cld say anymore and counted him as strongly agree to We must ourselves defend Singapore.
we have foreigners coming into singapore everyday, even more receiving singapore citizenship once they do well for their exams. "singapore is where we call home" or seemingly patriotic headlines as such are splashed across the news papers as they interview families after families of foreigners.
yet there's always one thing in common
it's always the govt they praise, the clean environment of our "garden city" blah blah blah

of course they like singapore, they're earning big bucks! the govt is granting citizenship like it's no big deal , & life here is better.
who cares abt singaporeans living in the lower end of the income line? we're just going to die off someday. why bloody hell care? *snorts*


chee said...

U r so cruel to that kid!
Anyway if Malaysia fights Singapore I'll hide under a rock and see who wins XD

estelwen said...

YEAH! i'll hide with u!!! or most prob i'll just run to newzealand. LOTR. MUAHAHAHA