Sunday, June 03, 2007

a happy deluded girl.

i want to be alone. or maybe nt.

somehow it's just so freakin irritating if ur good fren frm nt too long ago ask u where u're going & then u've to start explaining to them tt u didn't do well & u got rejected and ur future plans are to appeal and den if all else fails try again nxt year.

it's tiring to repeat it, it's tiring to even think abt it. i noe it's really nt their fault, at least they think abt u & do nt consider u dead in their list.

so far, e tot of just going out with frens is tiring. maybe i'm just scared of ppl asking me wad my future plans r. maybe i'm just scared of repeating what my future plans r because e more i say it, e more uncertain i am abt e future.

i haven written e fuckin appeal. i don't noe wad to write. y r u appealing? y r u appealing?

damn shit i just want a break. i wanna die in front of e computer. a happy deluded girl.

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