Wednesday, July 26, 2017

hello 2 years

hello 2017

it's been 2 years

ive been leaving bits and pieces of myself on fb that i dont really come here anymore.

convenience and instant gratification

u cant really be heard here. but then again why do u want to be heard?

things have changed. we're a lil more used to the fact that u are gone now though mum makes it a point to reopen that wound once in a while.

and then there's this marriage, house, kids and the standard fare that most couples go through. standard
apparently very necessary

the whole idea of a marriage has been baffling and sometimes i feel that i'm carrying the load of 2 instead of my own burdens.

why do we want to have a house, why do we need to have kids.

why is this world not enough for us that we need a physical anchor and mini versions of ourselves to prove that we are here.

and with all these responsibilities and promises.

where will i be?

where will my place be?

~I would have you smile, not grief for those whose time has come


WL said...

you are heard here. I am not sure why I came tonight. but i thought you might update this. so i came here to hear you.


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