Thursday, July 26, 2012

term 3 wk 5

it will be 4 years later before i can make any plans with my life

4 classes. i tell myself. i've survived 2. 4 wouldnt be such a big number after all.

i wish to do alot of things. but with this boundary set in im apprehensive of how far i can go.

24 is such a young age to be stuck in a job for life.

work and travel

taking my masters

working in a farm

how much do i want to see

how much do i want to achieve

is this the furthest i can go?

and my dream was never to settle down and have kids
to be pleasing mothers and fathers and convincing them i was the right one
my dream was always to leave.
and meet people
to live lifes
lifes we could never imagine leading
maybe as a rubbish cleaner of the streets of taiwan
maybe as a waitress in one of the restaurants
cleaning bedsheets of some bed and breakfast joint in australia


and marriage would kill it all

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